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My previous was all about exploring possibilities. Well it's not done yet, there are plenty of rims to discover the possibilities of trying to capture what is the key interest that you look forward and are excited to capture no matter how far you have to go to achieve them.

7) Astrophotography

If your dreams don't let you sleep, and you often try to reach a quiet open space away from the city where you can enjoy stars. Astrophotography is where you can find your space. I mean literally your own space as it captures areas of the night sky, astronomical objects, and celestial events. There are several types of astrophotography, including deep space, the solar system, wide-field, and time-lapse. Many consider astrophotography the most humbling among all types of photography. Not only does it make us realize that we are only a speck of dust in this vast universe, but it’s also incredibly demanding from a technical point of view.

8) Commercial photography

Business on your mind and want to make most out of your photography skills. Essentially, commercial photography is the name given to any kind of images taken with the intent of selling or promoting a product or service. Because of the long list of genres that can actually be considered commercial photography at a certain time (basically any of them, really), this is often considered one of the most complex types of photography. Therefore, if you want to become a professional photographer, commercial photography is most definitely something you should work towards.

9) Food photography

Food photographers shoot everything related to, well, food. From raw ingredients and cooking to styling and food-centric scenes, these images will have you drooling all over your phone. Not that long ago food photography was a niche limited to commercial work, primarily advertising and editorial. However, thanks to social media it has become one of the fastest-growing types of photography. Instagram photography accounts of all types are full of drool-worthy images, and food-related photography hashtags accumulate millions of pictures every day.

10) Fine art photography

If you're an artist and trying to create an artwork through a medium of camera, fine art photography is the closest one can get to pure artistic expression in the discipline. While other genres follow certain technical and compositional rules, this type of photography focuses on the aesthetic or imaginative meaning of a scene or subject. Because of this, developing a personal photography style is incredibly important. Fine art photographers create artistic statements aimed to be displayed in galleries and sold as tangible art pieces.

11) Macro photography

One of the most fulfilling sides of photography is having the opportunity to admire subjects and scenes in unimaginable ways. Such is the case with macro photography, where extreme close-ups of small objects and creatures are captured in order to obtain images in which the size of the subject is larger than in real life. While flowers and insects might be the most common figures of this type of photography, the right camera accessories will allow you to capture macro images of anything from snowflakes and jewelry to portrait and underwater photography.

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