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12) Portrait photography

Also known as portraiture, portrait photography includes any type of images focused on expressing people’s expressions and personalities. These include anything from headshots and family portraits to fine art shots and newborn photography. Generally, professionals in this type of photography own a studio where they invite clients for photoshoots. The true essence of portrait photography is in capturing the subject in its most natural environment.

13) Travel photography

The broadest among all types of photography is probably travel photography, for it comprises any other genre as long as it’s captured in a foreign country. Despite this all-embracing description, we usually use the term travel photography to refer to the act of documenting an unfamiliar location though the landscape, portrait, food, and street photography. Many lists making money as a travel photographer as a dream job, a goal that is now more feasible than ever thanks to globalization and technological advancements.

14) Still life photography

Images that portray inanimate objects, including food, plants, beverages, household products, and a long et cetera, fall under the still life photography category. This type of photography commonly overlays through several others, such as food, commercial, and fine art photography. The end goal of still life photography is completely dependent on the project, ranging anywhere from advertising a product to selling stock photos.

15) Pet photography

Halfway between shooting portraits and wildlife, we find pet photography. Just like with human portraits, the goal of this type of photography is to capture beautiful pictures that perfectly represent the nature of beloved pets. While dogs make up most of the market demand, there is a chance you might end up working with cats, rabbits, birds, and even reptiles. If you love domestic animals as much as you love photography, this is simply the perfect professional fit. Furthermore, if this is a passion of yours, it’s possible to apply these skills to a volunteer job with a rescue organization to help your furry friends find there forever homes.

16) Wedding photography

When it comes to making money as a photographer, wedding photography is generally a popular choice. Not only do you get to be a significant part of the happiest day of many people’s lives, but you can also make a solid photography career out of it. Of course, being a wedding photographer comes with great responsibility and a long list of technical and personal skills you'll need to master in order to succeed.

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