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In my previous blog I spoke about what is the core reason to do photography?

This chapter is all about understanding the concept of photography in terms of ART and the TECHNICAL aspect of it.

we all know that photography is a form of ART? but the only and everything thing you do is applying the logic, like considering every elements around you, the source of light, opening aperture just right, and setting the right shutter speed. you consider the angle, the details, the colour, the texture so you can justify your subject and try to create an image which is closest to how your subject looks in real life, so that there is no communication error. Coz I might not be able to define the exact shade of colour on my object. or the angle of the curve on it. But got damn my photograph will.. so where is ART is this? coz all we have done is applied logic.

Understand the difference learning to operate camera is not the same as creating stories out of camera. Engineers do drawing as-well. and so does an artist. but that doesn't mean an artist applies any less of logic to create a piece of art. It is important to know what you are doing, gain knowledge coz that will help you to understand the logic behind your art and more importantly it will help you to execute it. Coz when you have good knowledge about the field of your domain. you would know what to do with the professional camera. at what speed do you need to click the image. how the image will turn out to be if I use different lens and even controlling the external lights. I have keen interest in Psychology, it helped me to understand people and observe them and that every emotion has a beginning, a saturation point and a state of rest. As a photographer I must know when to capture it. to be attentive and keep eye on the subject.

Photography has two aspect of doing it

  1. Capturing and

  2. Creating

CAPTURING - so when you're capturing an Image ( story, object, scape, portrait), all you do is observe and understand and calculate and do all of it at once. it is an on going process that starts as soon as you hold your camera and ends at the moment you click. The cycle goes on... It is very important to be attentive when you're capturing an image because here you get to pick your story in an environment that you might not be able to control.

CREATING - The process of creating an image is entirely different, coz you don't get to pick your story here, rather you're creating a piece of art through a medium of photography. so your camera is more of a tool here (like a paint brush for an artist). The process starts with an imagination backed by the ideology of how your final Image would look like. so here you get to pick you space be it a studio or outdoor, you wish to work with ambient light or studio, Here you get to control every element involved in the process of creating an image.

It all comes down to the amount of knowledge you have, to execute your imagination or how well defined your story will look like in an image. The knowledge you have is the backbone of executing anything you wish to work on, be it capturing an image or creating one. It will help you to seize the most from an uncontrollable environment to everything you have on your mind something as simple as a powerful imagination. Straight from out of this world.

so is photography an Art or no Art? well I would say ART is everywhere, even in the most simplest thing, something as simple as applying LOGIC.


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