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We will be solving challenges on photography like how to do it? is there any right way to do it, the technical topics of operating Camera and controlling external lights, removing creative blockage and how bring Ideas to reality through the medium of photography, but first things first lets understand what is photography, why do we do it, where to do it and who does it? so Welcome everyone to my blog 'TWO MINUTES TO PHOTOGRAPHY'

so What is photography? - I believe it has got something to do with the Camera, Hot Models, Sexy Cars, Yummy looking Food, Fancy Restaurants.......ohhh yeah and bloggers and their fashion sense. Well to keep it simple. Its is a medium of communication that involves eyes as a medium to communicate.

so what a writer does with his pen,

what an artist does with his paint brush

what an actor does when he acts or expresses

is what a photographer does when he clicks.

Which brings me to the next question Why do we do photography? - the answer is simple to express or describe something where words aren't enough. for example defining a shade of colour, the texture, the size of an object or may be a piece of cake..

and where can we do it? - any where wherever there is light. because to tell a story through a medium of camera (photography). you require only Three things.

1) Light

2) Subject - any physical object that your eyes can see or describe.

3) Camera - a medium to describe your subject/story.

now the question is do we need a professional camera? - A professional camera has nothing to do with the creative part of photography or your story telling, but it has got everything to do with the technical and logical aspect of photography, A professional camera helps you to control the amount of light, the focus length. Setting a white tone or the sharpness of an image or adding of filter which is quite popular in this generation can

be done on any other digital camera which includes your mobile camera as-well.

so why do photographers crave for a Single-lens reflex to take an image over any other digital camera. well what gives a DSLR an upper hand over any other digital camera is the ability to control the focus length. Thanks to technology even a (digital) phone camera is able to give you result closer to that of a DSLR. Adding depth in an image through DSLR is a outcome of optical process on the other hand, mobile phone manufacturers have started computation- ally producing shallow depth-of-field images. The most common technique is to include two cameras to apply stereo algorithms to captured image pairs to compute a depth map. in which one of the images is then blurred according to this depth-map.

Learning or operating a camera is a whole lot of technical/logical thing to do, but 'Art' it dwells in the eye of the beholder and it is everywhere.Now it come to you, how do you wish to describe your subject or story.

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Enjoy clicking guys..

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