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In my previous two blog I spoke about the 'why's' about photography and process of creating images. So let's explore what do we have on our plate to capture or create.

Let’s organise our thoughts and field of interest before getting carried away in this flow of life with a camera in your hand and try to capture everything meaninglessly.

1) Event photography

Try your hands on Event to begin with. This be any small family function, from weddings and graduations to networking events and of course concert photography. Here you get an entire event with a good timeline to work on and the best thing I got to learn from event photography is the know where to stand and make the most of zoom lenses. Since the demand for event photography is at an all-time high. It seems that every occasion must be captured and later shared online in order to hold some sort of value, especially when it comes to celebrations and business events. If you’re thinking of becoming an event photographer, you should start by strengthening your people skills and talk to businesses around your area.

2) Street Photography

If you're planning to make career in film-making and Creative Documentaries, Street photography is one thing you shouldn't skip. it teaches you a lot about which story to pick out of a whole lot of life bunch happening around you, so once you have started to romance with your camera. taking it out for a walk is the best thing you can do to develop your observation skills. As Street (Documentary) photographers aim to capture raw, real-life situations and shed light on remarkable events and stories. This type of photography will help you with an unparalleled opportunity to explore your creative photography ideas and create meaningful content that expands over a period of time.

3) Landscape photography

As easy as it seems, but the reality is a whole lot different. Images capturing the beauty of the great outdoors, beaches, forests, peaks and deserts, are all considered landscape photography. This type of photography is usually focused on large scenes, but can also show more intimate details of natural elements. While anyone with a camera can take a picture of the view in front of them, it takes a lot of talent, technical knowledge, and hard work to capture beautiful landscape photos that allow viewers to feel as if they were part of the scene.

4) Fashion photography

The runways in Milan to cover shots in the design districts of New York, fashion photography portfolios focus on capturing visually outstanding portraits of models wearing trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories. It’s clear that when it comes to glamour and big names, fashion photography is the place to be. However, this type of photography is as glamorous as it is difficult to enter. On top of a lot of hard work of perseverance, you’ll need a great deal of technical knowledge, an eye for fashion, and strong people skills.

5) Architecture Photography

Imagery revolving around buildings (both interiors and exteriors) structural details, and cityscapes fall under the architecture photography division. Sometimes referred to as urban photography, this type of photography requires specific techniques and gear to avoid perspective and distortion issues. The two most popular sub-divisions of architecture photography are real estate photography, which focuses on advertising, and urban exploration, which targets abandoned spaces. If you think from right side of your brain, Architecture photography is something that you'll enjoy a lot. you can blend it with your ideas and it will surely click before you hit the shutter.

6) City-scape Photography

I know you've heard of landscape photography which has got everything to do with the details of nature and Architecture photography which has everything to do with Man Made Monuments(structure), how about trying to blend them both!. you don't need to go to a beautiful place to capture beautiful images. nor you will need a whole lot of observation skills to develop a story out of human life. This is a frame where you blend nature's beauty with man made details and in return you get to learn a whole lot about balancing light. so you get two at a price of one.

I believe photography is a feeling of love and expression. Once its captured its captured forever.

Thats all for today but, stay tuned for the next blog where we explore some more grounds to act as a photographer. until then keep clicking.

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